Tie Back Retaining Walls and Soldier Pile Walls

Tie back retaining walls and soldier pile walls are a common solution to holding back rock and soils on a multitude of sites.

Tie back walls are often constructed with shotcrete but can also be comprised of cast in place concrete, Lock Block Walls, MSE walls, Gabion Walls, Sheet Pile walls and many other hybrid types. These walls all are tied back into the slope using some sort of anchoring system. These anchors can be comprised of steel tendons, Geogrids, Geofabrics, cable anchors, stand anchors, deadman anchors and many other types. Essentially the wall is constructed in a fashion that the anchors are placed in a fashion so that it does not topple or fail due to the forces applied to it from the slope. These walls should be engineered and installed by professionals. Norpac has been involved in many different tie back retaining walls and are very familiar with all aspects of this work.

Soldier pile walls are a great solution where you have limited space and cannot use tie back anchors due to underground hazards. Basically a soldier pile wall is a row of piles drilled into the ground vertically with permanent casing. The Piles are left in place and shotcrete is used to fill the gaps between the piles. This wall acts like a cantilever and the piles are normally drilled twice as deep as the exposed wall height. The force of the slope against these walls in counteracted by the cantilever of the embedded pile. Norpac has also installed many of these systems in all conditions.

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